5 Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Computer Monitor

Are you searching for information on what is the best computer monitor? The computer monitor market has many varieties suitable for your day to day use. They are also available at excellent prices. You should also keep in mind that square ones have nowadays replaced the conventional widescreen computer monitors.

Square computer monitors measure 17-inch in width. They enable you to lay pages side by side. That lets you scroll less while also giving you view-able spreadsheet columns. This guide offers 5 features and what to look out for when deciding on what is the best computer monitor. They are:


  • When choosing the best computer monitor, you should check out its resolution. That’s the number of pixels or picture elements that come up with an image.
  • You should keep in mind that more pixels result in finer detail. Higher resolution also means you will get to view smaller images and texts.
  • It means more content will get displayed on your screen. That means a higher resolution is ideal for working with graphics and photos.


  • Another factor to look out for when deciding on what is the best computer monitor is its contrast. That’s the difference between the deepest black and the brightest white.
  • It’s usually gets expressed in a ratio manner. Consider choosing computer monitors that offer you higher contrast ratios.
  • That’s because they produce vivid images. You should also be careful when checking out this ratio. That’s because there’s s no uniform way of measuring contrast ratio.


  • Another factor to check is the computer monitors’ brightness. That’s because if you work in a brightly lit room, you should also select a bright screen.
  • Choose a higher number when checking out this factor. Keep in mind that it’s measured as candelas per square meter.
  • You can also manually control it using onscreen control or buttons. Most screens also have color controls for adjusting screen geometry.


  • Connectors enable you to enjoy sharper images. That’s by using the Digital Visual Interface DVI. They allow you to use high-end video cards for sharper images.
  • You should also look for those that come with High Definition Multi Media Interface HDMI. This feature allows audios and videos to get sent using the same cable.

Touch Screen

  • You should also check out touch screen computer monitors. They should have smooth movements when swiping, the ability to display content in various postings and enough glass on its edges.
  • That makes swiping easier from sides.

What to Do

  • Ask for warranties. That ensures you purchase quality computer monitors. Choose longer warranties for expensive models.
  • You should also consider checking their online reviews. This tip makes sure you buy computer monitors that have been proven to have easy to use features.
  • You should also look at the manufacturer’s return policies, for example, defective pixels. That’s because some will replace the whole monitor during the warranty period, whole others will only consider a certain number of dead, stuck or hot pixels.

Final Thoughts

The above guide on what is the best computer monitor should get you to consider buying one. Remember to check your budget estimates and their online reviews.

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