The secret to a successful data recovery process

These days, there are plenty of data recovery services available. You can select from the individual computer technician to the computer repair shop, or the actual data recovery expert, which is usually a certified lab with advanced training, equipment and class 100 ISO clean room. In addition to that there are also data recovery software products available in abundance in the market. Therefore it would not be an exaggeration to say the market is flooded, with data recovery options.

Sometimes having many options is a good idea, but often times it can also be a burden. In this new age there is a constant information overflow, which can make it difficult to choose the right or best option. The brain simply becomes overwhelmed and overburdend with too many options.

So here is the break down to simplify the options:

  1. Commercial data recovery software such as R-studio, UFS Explorer, Stellar Data Recovery and others are a great DYI (do it yourself option) which makes sense in some situations.
  2. A computer technician or computer repair shop makes sense for data retrieval if the situation is not all that complex, but the owner of the device is not very computer literate to use data recovery software.
  3. A Data Recovery lab, is an expert services that will provide you with the highest possible success rate for any data recovery case. This is usually the best option if the situation is severe and the data is critical or time sensitive. However, this is usually also the most costly of the three options provided.

Hopefully this has provided you with some insights and will assist you in making a well informed and wise decision, if you ever need to recover data from a failed smart phone, hard drive, or other digital storage device.

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