Mac brand has a reputation for consistency ,reliabiltiy and the ease of use for most customres as compared to their brands. However the occurrences of misfortunes such as freezes and crashes cant be prevented from happening from time to time.

A crash happens when a software whole or a piece stops working altogether.This means the apps closes on its own and this happens unexpectedly. This leads to one losing their work.

Some of the reasons for the occurence of crashes include:

Software bugs

Too many applications

Not enough memory

Applications competing for simultaneous disk access


There are various steps to follow when one`s Appple Mac crashes. The Mac ends up being restricted to a particular software. The simple solutions to its recovery are as follows:

The first step is to relaunch the app that unexpectedly quit . Often times this offers a solution to the problem being dealt with.

Reinstalling the app – This can be done as a preventive measure. Deleting the app can offer one a fresh start this is if one deletes the app and all its related files in order to avoid occurence of the crash.One should make sure that they do not drag an app to the trash this is because it may leave some pieces of associated files and if the troublemaker is left behind this may cause re-occurrence of the situation.

The above situation applies when an application crashes when one is not using it. However there are scenarios when the application crashes when one is using it.In this case one needs to repair the disk permissions. To do this one needs to go to the Utilities in the Mac`s applications folder and thereafter launch the disk utility.Then click on the First Aid and it will ask for confirmation and thereafter commencement of a comparison of the permission files with the defaults.

Another simpler way is by use of the CleanMyMac3 to fix the permissions. This is not only a simpler way but also an easier technique.

Skip the re-opening of the windows-If the application unfortunaately crashes after the relaunch ,an option to re open the widows that were open the last time will be presented . In such a situation one should ignore this message by clicking` Dont Reopen` because there is a possibility that something in one of the open windows might have caused the crash .

It should be noted that if an application crashes for the second time after the relaunch , the OS X might ask for one to reopen the windows . Its advisable for one not to do so.


There are a few precautions one can take inorder to prevent or also to minimize the chances of crashes happening in the future. The following tips are helpful:

Updating the OS and the Apps

More memory installation

Conducting regular housekeeping

Occasional restart of the Mac

The are two types of crashes that can occur on the Mac i.e. Application crashes and the system crashes.

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